PATH Mentoring Program

PATH Mentoring Program

The PATH Mentoring Program was developed in 2013 by Midway University. PATH stands for Providing Academic Transitions to Higher Education. Its purpose is to facilitate the pathway to higher education.

Midway University partners with area schools and trains our students to be mentors to younger female students. Midway University student mentors lead monthly sessions focused on the college admission process and improvement of life skills. Here, they get to spend time with individual mentees and focus their attention on building trust and sharing their stories. The partner schools take turns hosting monthly meetings, where a guest speaker presents and a team-building activity is conducted for Mentors and Mentees. Each semester, Midway University hosts campus visits so that mentees can literally see themselves at college. Two educationally focused field trips are planned each year for all program participants.

During the 2014-15 school year, PATH was comprised of 43 Midway University student volunteers who mentored 78 female students from Leestown Middle School, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, LFUCG Division of Family Services, and Woodford County High School. In 2015-16, PATH mentors will serve students from Leestown Middle School, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, Woodford County High School, and Woodford County Middle School.

A theme is selected annually to guide each meeting throughout the year. Past themes have been Women’s Issues, Diversity, and Leadership. The 2015-16 theme is Community Activism.

PATH Mentoring Mission, Vision & Goal

Mission: Each student in the program will reach a higher level of excellence with motivation to pursue and succeed in a higher educational setting.

Vision: To inspire and empower young ladies to be pro-active in achieving their dreams by pursuing a post-secondary education, nurturing their self-esteem and potential, strengthening their cultural identity and providing an environment that engages them in the world that surrounds them.

Goal: To strengthen our community by motivating and preparing female minority students to obtain a post-secondary degree.