Virtual Career Center

In our current world of social distancing and uncertainty in the job market, the Midway University Career Services is here to support your professional growth. We are excited to make many of our resources available and easily accessible by our students and alumni!

Whether you are fresh out of college or you were laid off from a steady 15-year career, the tools and resources in the Virtual Career Center can help you get your search started successfully!

Throughout the guides, there will be highlights with tips for the more experienced employees. If you have any questions or need clarifications, contact the Director of Career Services, Mackenzie Hanes at 859.846.5385 or through email at If you want to set up a meeting to do a deep dive in our experiences and document development, access our available meeting slots.

Meet Mackenzie

Hi, I’m Mackenzie Hanes, and I look forward to working with you, I know the uncertainty can make you feel anxious, but I am here to help you make wise decisions during your search!

I have worked in Career Development since 2010 and I have been with Midway University since 2017. I facilitate career exploration with current students and alumni. I also coach and edit through professional document creation, customization and optimization. I communicate regularly with Human Resource, Staffing Agencies and local businesses to learn more about what skills they are searching for as well as how to best help candidates show their experiences on their resume and throughout the interview process.

What is a Virtual Career Center?

The Virtual Career Center will serve as your landing page to access resources as you build or pivot your career during the COVID-19 Health protocols and recovery.

The Midway University Virtual Career Center (VCC) will supplement the services you can receive at the Career Services Office, located in the Little Memorial Library on the Main Campus in Midway, Kentucky. We celebrate the fact that Midway University students and alumni live in various areas across the United States and the globe, and a walk-in center cannot meet all the needs of our Eagles. Additionally, career guidance, services, and connections are not always needed during the traditional workday, so the VCC has been created with the needs of the digital learner and full-time professional in mind.

In the VCC, one can find connections to mentors, peers, and career professionals as well as targeted resources and training to fit the needs of students and alumni in various topics from career exploration to career advancement. When using a Midway University login, students can access the Focus2 family of assessments to complete interest, values, and personality assessments to aid in the career exploration and formation processes. Exploration can be further advanced by earning badges in the Career Ready Platform in Moodle or connecting to a mentor to set up an informational interview, job shadow, or internship. Students and professionals can prepare for the next step by getting a resume review, practicing interview questions, and requesting a LinkedIn Lab.

Lastly, the VCC allows visitors to connect with experts in various fields to increase their knowledge in trends, hot technology, essential skills, and referrals. No matter what stage of career development a Midway University VCC guest is, connections and training can take place. For further advice and expertise, alumni and students can request a free customized 1-on-1 or group meeting with the Director of Career Services.

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