Student Life

Student Life

Need help with homework? We offer it.

Want to study abroad? We can help with that.

Need resume assistance or brushing up on interviewing skills? We provide that.

Want to get involved on campus? No problem.

At Midway students are always the top priority for us. We have a unique student body made up of students from the ages of 17 to 70+; each of whom comes from a unique background. Our student population draws students from all across the United States and more than 20 countries. We make a great effort to enhance all students’ experience while at Midway by presenting unique speakers, arts programming and multicultural programs on campus. From hosting hundreds of co-curricular events, on campus athletic competition, study abroad and volunteering opportunities, academic support services such as peer tutoring and career planning services, student life covers all activities that happen outside the classroom.

Offices that support all of the Student Life components include the Office of Student Affairs, Student Development Center (Academic Support & Career Services) and the Office of International Programs.