College Readiness Program

College Readiness Program

The College Readiness Program (CRP) at Midway University is designed to prepare students to succeed academically and socially in the college environment. This goal is achieved by providing the students with an academically based, intensive program of study that emphasizes skills in writing, reading, speaking, and leadership. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be prepared to begin general education and major courses at Midway University.

Application Process

  1. Complete the CRP Application for Admission.
  2. Send complete, official academic records in English, directly to the Office of Admissions. Records should include courses taken, grades received, and degrees of certificates earned. An explanation of the coding system used to evaluate the student’s work should accompany the records.
  3. Submit Financial Guarantee information. US immigration regulations require that students demonstrate their ability to finance the first year of education before receiving the I-20 AB form. The financial information form must be included along with required documentation (bank statements, etc.).

Once all documents are received, an official admissions decision will be made, and an I-20 AB form will be sent so that a visa can be applied for.

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